Post-massage Care

Quickly rid your body of toxins

Drinking water, having an Epsom salt bath or spending time in a sauna (dry, wet, or infrared) after your massage are great ways to help rid your system of toxins much more quickly.​

A word about toxins…

​Toxins consist of waste produced from regular cellular activity or cellular metabolism. This waste is excreted through the cell wall into the interstitial fluid (between the cells) and is absorbed by the lymph system where it is dealt with. This process is carried out on a daily basis without affecting us in an adverse way.

​Your massage, however, will move these toxins from the interstitial fluid into the lymph system in larger amounts and more quickly possibly causing you to feel tired, sick or sore afterward. Drinking water, Epsom salt baths, or saunas will help to remove this influx of toxins and alleviate these symptoms, helping you feel better faster!